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Providing salt for halotherapy is our specialty, and the highest quality is guaranteed.

All of our products are made in the U.S.

“SanaSal Rocks! What an enhancement to your Halotherapy business! As one of the original business to implement Halotherapy into our business the willingness for clients to implement Halotherapy into their wellness routine was somewhat lackluster. I think it was because the experience was lacking that “Wow” factor and immediate gratification that consumers expect! There is no question that your typical pharmaceutical-grade salt is effective, but upgrading to SanaSal Rx is a game changer! Clients immediately smell and feel the difference and comment how much better the result is from a single session! Our Halotherapy business is thriving and growing and we are a SanaSal client for life!”

Todd Earnhart Founder & CEO Glo Sun Spas


Halogenerator Salt