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Our advanced formula for more effective salt therapy provides quicker and better results, leading to higher customer satisfaction and more returning clients.

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50 pack of halogenerator salt

Sanasal 30g – 50pcs


Advanced halogenerator salt blend

100 pack Sanasal salt for halogenerators

100pcs – Sanasal 30g – Free Shipping


Advanced halogenerator salt blend

special halogenerator salt

200pcs – Sanasal 30g – Free Shipping


Advanced halogenerator salt blend

What is Sanasal?

  • Pharmaceutical Salt

  • Pharmaceutical Sodium Bicarbonate Better mucus removal, raised PH level

  • Eucalyptol, Cineole (Pharmaceutical Grade)Antibacterial and antiseptic. Clears lungs and reduces inflammation

  • Infused USP Mint (Pharmaceutical Grade) Easier breathing, calming

As you’re aware, traditional Halotherapy often requires multiple sessions for users to experience the desired effects. However, using SanaSalRx salt in halogenerators dramatically boosts Halotherapy’s efficacy and its perceived value, leading to increased bookings and improved customer adherence.Conceived in Germany and brought to life in 2015, our unique SanaSal halogenerator salt is designed to elevate salt therapy to new heights. This next-generation solution significantly enhances the benefits of salt therapy, thus providing an immediate boost to the industry. This enhancement translates into more sessions, increased customer satisfaction, and ultimately, greater profits for your business. SanaSal is all set to turn your clients into enthusiastic supporters.Whether you’re looking to enhance your existing halotherapy services or build a more valuable service from scratch, SanaSalRx is your go-to solution.

How to use it?

  • SanasalRx can be used as a replacement for regular halogenerator salt, or it can be mixed with it..
  • One 30g bag of SanasalRx salt is enough for 1-2 or more sessions, depending on the size of the room and the type of halogenerator used. In salt booths, it can be used for 5 or more sessions.
  • Heating the SanasalRx salt blend is not necessary.

Not recommended for pets and horses.

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